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Avoid the drink that deposits toxins in your eyes

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Statistics show that when you drive at night, you are more likely to die in a fatal car crash. And research demonstrates that there’s a beverage saturated with a toxin that actually coats your eyes and makes night driving even more dangerous.

When you drink beer, wine, liquor or any other alcoholic drink, the alcohol in what you swallow infiltrates the tears that coat your eyes and makes it harder to see.

A study at the University Granada shows that the alcohol that lingers over the lenses of your eyes gives halos to street lights and makes it difficult to discern other cars, pedestrians and objects in the road.

The research demonstrates that optical quality of what you can make out at night is distorted by the alcohol in the tear film that flows over the eyes’ surfaces. Consequently, the images that form on the retina are more blurry. Oncoming headlights are also more likely to blind you.

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