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Anal Sex Safety and Health Concerns

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By Dr Sudhakar Petkar , Sexology

As per statistics, 90% of group who indulge in a passionate attribute with group and about 5% of women who are intimately active, try anal intercourse. Anal sex does have high health risks, as a anal segment has a cluster of supportive haughtiness endings, that might get influenced during sex.

Thus, while for a few, anal sex might infer to be enjoyable, it does have a downsides and can lead to health concerns.

What are a health risks with courtesy to anal sex?

Anal sex is deliberate to be one of a many unsure kinds of passionate activity because:

  1. One of a categorical reasons is that a anal segment does not furnish a healthy lubricant, as a vaginal segment does. Penetration can repairs and rip a anal tissue, that can so attract germ and other viruses to enter your bloodstream. This can so lead to a easy widespread of STDs. Research shows that we are 30 times some-more during risk of constrictive HIV by anal sex.
  2. Moreover, a hankie underlying a walls of a anus is not as scrupulously stable as a walls of a anus outside. The outmost hankie around a anal segment is stable by passed cells, so it is reduction disposed to infection. Anal sex leaves a tissues inside some-more vulnerable.
  3. The duty of a anus is to reason in faeces, so it is done of ring like muscles, famous as anal sphincters, that tie to recover a faeces. Regular anal sex can disencumber these muscles, creation it formidable to reason behind before we strech a loo.
  4. Because a anus binds faeces, it is a segment that is filled with bacteria. Thus, even if we or your partners do not have an STD, a germ might taint your partner. In box we indulge in vaginal sex after anal sex, it can also lead to vaginal infections or UTIs.


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