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Anal Fistula – Know Its Ayurvedic Treatments!

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By Dr. S K Singh, Ayurveda

Sometimes, one of a glands of a anus forms an pustule that might empty out casually or might need surgical treatment. This might rise into a fistula, that is a tiny hovel that connects anal waterway with outdoor skin.

What causes Anal fistulas?
In many cases anal fistulas are caused by pustule around anus. Abscess formula from infection of gland in anal region. Fistulas can also be a following of –

  1. Crohn’s disease
  2. An infection of tuberculosis.
  3. Complications of medicine in a anus.


  1. Nodular flourishing around anal opening
  2. Intermittent liberate from nodular swelling.
  3. When there is collection of pus there will be flourishing and pain
  4. Pain is relieved by liberate of pus and flourishing subsides

Ayurvedic Treatment for Anal Fistula: 
Usually, Surgery is endorsed to provide Anal fistula. But it is not a good choice for a reason of high rate of regularity seen after surgery/ VAAFT, fecal incontinence and other complications. In about 20% of cases Fistula recurs after surgery/ VAAFT. Whereas Ayurveda recommends Ksharsutra diagnosis for Anal Fistula.

In this treatment, Ksharsutra – a medicated thread is placed in infection tract. Medicine expelled from Ksharsutra debrides a Fistula tract and induces healing. This medicine stays active for about 5-7 days so this needs to be altered with a new thread during weekly interval.

No. of Ksharsutra changes compulsory for finish recovering of Anal Fistula depends on length, abyss and branching settlement of Fistula. It has been celebrated that Fistula heals @ 0.5 to 1 cm per Ksharsutra change. So a infection tract of 3 cm customarily requires 4-6 Ksharsutra changes for finish healing.

Ksharsutra Treatment is an OPD treatment and there is no need for hospitalization or bed rest. Patient can continue his slight work as common during Ksharsutra treatment. Complications like recurrence, sofa incontinence, post-operative draining etc. are not seen in this treatment. Ksharsutra ensures finish recovering of Anal fistula.

Clinical trials conducted by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) during AIIMS New Delhi have also reliable that Ksharsutra diagnosis is some-more available and some-more successful than Surgery in box of Anal fistula. Hence Ksharsutra diagnosis is a best diagnosis to provide Anal infection but surgery.

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