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Allergies And Asthma In Men And Women: They’re Not The Same

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When researchers look into who suffers more from allergies and asthma, men or women, they discover a complicated situation. Your allergy and asthma situation depends on your age.

In childhood, boys suffer more from allergies and asthma than do girls. But once women enter young adulthood, they are much more prone to these chronic health issues.

“More prepubescent males have rhinitis (stuffy nose), asthma and food allergy than females,” says Renata Engler, M.D., allergist and a fellow with the ACAAI (American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology). “However, roles change. When females enter young adulthood, they outnumber men in these chronic illness categories.”

The reasons for these male-female differences are complex. They go along with the fact that women have immune systems that react more strongly to vaccines than do men.

Engler believes that the most important aspect of the differences is the fact that when men and women get sick, they shouldn’t be treated in the same manner. One size fits all is not the best approach.

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