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Alcohol – How Does Drinking Affect Your Sexual Health?

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By Dr. V. Kumar, Sexology,

Drinking tiny amounts of ethanol can no doubt reduce your inhibitions, though enlarged and additional celebration can exceedingly bushel your passionate desire, performance, and health. Alcohol-induced sex can means a lot of problems such as neglected pregnancies, constrictive intimately transmitted diseases and such other complications. Read on to find out more:

1. Alcohol lowers predicament which, in spin mostly leads to bad judgment. Poor visualisation competence means we to have defenceless sex, agreement STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) or have a passionate confront that we competence bewail after on.

2. During pregnancy, ethanol is really damaging for a baby as celebration ethanol during that time can means Fetal ethanol syndrome. Alcohol expenditure should be avoided during all costs during a time of source and a initial 3 months of pregnancy.

3. Alcohol also inhibits passionate enterprise and is a means for unfitness and erectile dysfunction. People who splash ethanol on a unchanging basement rise permanent erectile dysfunction if left violent or unattended.

4. Studies have shown that a unchanging expenditure of ethanol over a substantial duration of time does measureless mistreat to a person’s passionate health. It can lessen your libido or your sex expostulate and over time a chairman competence have no enterprise for sex; utterly discordant to renouned faith that ethanol is an aphrodisiac.

5. Alcohol can also means flood issues both in group and in women. It can diminution a spermatazoa count in group and can means other reproductive disorders in women.

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