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Acupuncture Outcomes For Weight Loss Treatment

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Acupuncture2The desire to lose weight may tempt you to try multiple remedies, sometimes whatever comes your way. But just anything cannot be the right thing for weight loss. The basic idea of losing weight rests upon modifying diet and exercising. If you consider eliminating these two factors, weight loss would probably remain a distant dream.

However, with many alternative methods constituting a part of health care management today, you might not want to miss a (potentially) good thing which can help achieve targeted goals (as weight reduction). Acupuncture is one such art of healthy living which has been practiced by the Chinese successfully since many years, although scientific evidences supporting it are insufficient.

Before attempting an approach for healthy living, it is prudent to get your facts verified lest you lose more than gaining out of it.

Acupuncture Functioning For Weight Loss

Complementary To Healthy Living

Although acupuncture is not a well researched area of complementary healthy living, it is considered one of the best-known forms of traditional (Chinese) medicine. It works by affecting the flow of qi (life force) which balances the body and mind. Trained practitioners perform acupuncture by sticking very thin (metal) needles into pre-determined locations on the skin.

Weight loss has not been a traditional implementation/outcome of acupuncture; certain aspects of acupuncture may benefit people in losing weight. Acupuncture may promote relaxation and enhance eating, particularly under stress or depression.

Scientists have not determined how acupuncture might aid weight loss. There can be a connection to boosting metabolism, suppressing appetite and decreasing stress. Acupuncture may increase the pituitary gland output and lower insulin levels or lipid levels in the blood.

Evidential Support

According to a source, a research review (2009) analyzed acupuncture and pointed its association with improved obesity and reduced average body weight. But the review’s authors doubted the studies’ poor quality. Another research on acupuncture’s effects on weight loss has given mixed results. One study (1999) found acupuncture sessions contributed to improvement in anxiety and depression although it failed to promote weight loss. In another study (1998), frequent acupuncture had aided weight loss.

Acupuncture Safety For Weight Loss

When done by a competent and authorized practitioner, acupuncture can be safe (though pricey). Except for the pricking sensation, acupuncture may not produce any side effect. 


Unlike medicines, harmful side effects are not likely to occur. The possibility of addiction is also absent as it is a natural method to aid weight loss efforts.

What To Expect When Opting For Acupuncture Treatment

Multi-targeted Approach

Acupuncture works by releasing endorphins, the body’s pain-relieving chemicals. This can be a potential working mechanism of acupuncture in weight loss treatments. An acupuncture specialist can perform an examination of your body to understand the main causes behind its excess weight.

Multi-targeted Approach

After determining or identifying the main cause, he/she inserts needles in several areas of the body to aid its functioning in such a manner that will promote weight loss. Usually, the specialist adopts a multi-targeted approach for weight loss treatment. Reducing cravings for some foods which in turn can reduce appetite naturally might be an integral element of acupuncture for weight loss.

Multiple Sessions

You may need multiple acupuncture weight loss treatments on a regular basis to experience the benefits and effects. You may have to supplement dieting and exercising methods to gain benefits of acupuncture. The guidelines about eating should be followed so as to promote the regular flow of energy throughout the body.

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