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Acne – Know Everything About It!

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By Dr. Shaurya Rohatgi, Dermatology,

Generally people in their teenage, mostly within twelve to fifteen years of age rise spots on their skin. This is essentially a hormonal condition inspiring boys some-more than girls. However even elder people infrequently rise acne. Though acne might seem harmless, if untreated it persists for several years.


There are several reasons that means acne. Some of them are as follows:

1. Sensitivity to Hormones

Male hormone or androgen is what activates a growth of acne. An particular who is supportive to this hormone along with germ already benefaction in a skin tends to humour from acne.

2. Unsteady Hormone Levels

Women during menstruation bear a fluctuation in their levels of hormones. This condition leads to a growth of acne.

3. Certain Types of Clothing

Sometimes donning certain kinds of wardrobe proves to be an critical means for a growth of acne. The element of a cloth might conflict with a skin causing acne. Similarly wearing parsimonious conduct gears might have identical consequences on a skin.


Though acne is a common means of regard generally among immature girls and boys, there are several treatments that can be availed of to get absolved of it. Some of them are:

1. Benzoyl Peroxide

This has valid to be an intensely effective drug for treating acne. Doctors generally allot medicines that have benzoyl peroxide in them. They directly conflict a germ benefaction in a skin and control a growth of acne.

2. Antibiotics

Some antibiotics possibly consumed orally or practical on a skin forestall a activities of a germ benefaction in a skin. Consequently they also deter serve growth of acne.

3. Retinoids

This organisation of compounds mostly found in creams and lotions are intensely profitable in treating acne.

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