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A Few Healthy Games to Play With Your Kid

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Healthy Games For KidsA baby in home is definitely a very happy news. A small child at home brings so much joy and happiness to everyone. As a mother and a father, there is nothing more you would want to do other than watching your baby play and grow. The fun you get while playing with your little bundle of joy cannot be explained by words.

Having a child is without a doubt a big step and parents sometimes do not know exactly how to deal with their cute little child. While, some parents have their parents to help them with their child and for the rest you there are blogs that can help you.

Well, doctors would give you advices on how to keep your baby physically healthy and yes, you would get also get a few advices on how to keep you baby mentally healthy too. But, they would not give you tips on how to play with your child. There are a few ways to play with your children that will help them to achieve good brain development and at the same time you will be able to engage them in some fun activity.

Well, the games that you can play with your children vary according to their age. If your child is very young like 3 to 6 months old, games that stimulate the movement of their arms and legs.

Healthy Games For Kids

Name that

This game will let your child learn about everything around him/ her. You can carry your child with you around the house and say “name that”. Then after a pause you should name it.

Games to Play With Your Kid

This lets your child to learn what is what faster than usual. You can take your child to parks and gardens and play the game there too. The idea is to let the child learn his/ her surroundings.

Move to the Beat

You can either play a rhyme on the stereo or sing it and move your child’s legs and arms in sync with the rhyme. You can also cycle the child’s legs. This will also lead to a good blood circulation.


Children are attracted to bright colors They are attracted to anything new and peculiar. Their brain is growing, that is exactly why they can learn quicker and adapt easier to changes. Hang a bright color toys of different shaped above your child’s cot or crib. Paint their room in bright colors

color games for kids

This will help while teaching your child the different colors So, do not paint your child’s nursery or room in a single color. I would suggest a theme, where you can paint shapes of different colors or characters from a fairy tales (or even a complete fairy tale). Try to include fruits and flowers in the theme that you paint on your child’s nursery or room wall.


This is just fun. You can watch your child giggle hard when you say boo and show your face. I love it when the children try to do peek-a-boo. Oh! It is one of the best moments.

Fairy Tales

Children love fairy tales. Read them the books in very dramatic way that will engage their imagination. This is for children about 1- 2 years old. If your child is old enough, read the books along with your child. Take turns. One day you narrate the story and one day let your child narrate it to you.

Scribble Your Way

This is a game that your child will play regardless of you playing along or not. Why let your walls be the victim. Paint a portion of your wall black and let your child scribble all they want on it.

games for kids

This gives them the hand movement and trains them to hold pens and pencils.

These might seem like very simple games. Well, trust me when I say ‘the simpler it is the better’. You might find a lot of complicated games online, but I recommend the old ones that do not stress the kids. As parents we always want the best for our child and we strive hard to provide them the best things available in the world. But, it doesn’t stop here; we push them and try to make them the best at everything too. In this quest for the best, we stress our children right from their birth to make them the best human being alive.

Please parents do not do this mistake. Let the child relax. Let him/ her learn at their own pace and don’t worry they will catch up to the world better than you would have ever thought of. So, keep the worries aside and enjoy playing these games with your baby.

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