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9 Symptoms of Sore Tongue

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sore tongueA person is said to be suffering from sore tongue, if he/she has pain in the whole tongue or a part of it. Sore tongue is mainly caused due to infection, inflammation of the tissues, damage of the tongue tissues etc. Sore tongue is a very painful condition which makes performing the daily activities of a person very difficult.

It is necessary to seek immediate medical consultation if one is suffering from sore tongue, as it may be indicative of some life threatening ailment. The symptoms of sore tongue are discussed in detail below.

Sore Tongue Symptoms


Pain is the first and foremost symptom that is experience by a person suffering from sore throat. The person feels a dull, stabbing, shooting or needle like pain in the tongue and oral cavity, depending upon the intensity of the infection.


Swelling of the tongue is one of the most common symptom of sore tongue. The tissues of the tongue get inflamed due to which there occurs a swelling in the surrounding gum regions.

swelling in tongue

The tongue also gets bloated and swollen due to which there arises a great problem, as the person is unable to talk and eat properly. Immediate medical attention should be sought if there is sudden swelling of the lips, gums, face and tongue.

Bad Breath

The person affected with sore throat usually experiences bad odour in breath. Sore throat is mainly cause due to infection which gives rise to other bacterial growth on the tongue. This results in case of bad breath and is a source of great embarrassment to the person.

Change In Appearance

Sore tongue affects not only the function of the tongue but also causes a great change in its appearance. The tongue looses its healthy pink colour and whitish deposits are seen on it. The tongue also looses its texture and becomes smooth or fuzzy in appearance. If the lips and finger nails also start changing colour and appear bluish, then one should immediately consul a doctor as it is indicative of severe infection of the sore tongue.

Oral Rashes

rashes in tongue

Another very common symptom of sore tongue is appearance of rashes in the oral cavity. There is formation of red bump like structures called as blisters, sores or ulcers. These not only are painful but cause great difficulty in eating food.


Inflammation of the tissues of the tongue is a very common symptom of sore tongue. These blisters are a source of great pain. They are often red in colour and cause burning sensation in the tongue. The tongue also starts producing saliva in excess amount.

Chewing and Swallowing Problem

The direct affect of inflammation of the sore tongue is difficulty in chewing and swallowing. The person is unable to consume food properly and becomes irritated.

Decrease In Appetite

Decrease in appetite is yet another symptom of sore tongue. As the tongue is inflamed and painful, the person faces great difficulty in eating food and hence tends to avoid it, to stop the re-occurance of pain. This results in decrease in appetite and subsequent weight loss in the person.



Fever is also a very important symptom of sore throat which should not be ignored. The person also experiences other accompanying symptoms like headache, sore throat, restlessness, tiredness, persistent cough etc, which are similar to that of flu. If the fever reaches more than 101 degree celsius, then one should seek immediate medical attention as it is indicative of severe sore tongue infection.

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