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8 Rapid Weight Loss Tips

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Rapid Weight Loss Tips

If your latest resolution is about losing those extra pounds and you are keenly following all kind of advises then I must tell you that the best results will come from regular exercise and diet control but not from fad diets. So, what should you eat and which exercises should you follow?

The first ground rule is to follow a healthy and consistent approach towards weight loss which comprises a healthy and balanced diet and a variety of exercises done on regular basis. By following this approach one can safely lose 2 Kg in a week.

8 Natural Weight Loss Tips

Pay Attention To What You Eat

Try to consciously reduce your intake of sweets, starchy foods, animal fats, high calorie meat, dairy products and deep fried foods. For quick results pay attention on foods with low Glycemic Index. Low Glycemic index foods are foods which take time in getting digested, make you feel full and stabilize your blood sugar levels. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, soy products are such foods.

Pay Attention To What You Eat

Try to include them in your major meals as well as your snacks. Instead of eating that burger at tea time in the evening, opt for roasted and salt less black grams or a handful of roasted peanuts. Make it a point to eat every two hours. This way your body gets small amounts of food at regular intervals and feels assured that it will get food in due time. This helps in upping the metabolism. Besides, drink lots of water. Water helps in flushing out the toxins and improves your digestion. Give yourself a treat once in a week with your favorite foods but keep the portions small.

Maintain A Food Journal

A food journal can be your own handmade tool towards weight loss. Make a chart in the journal specifying three major meals and two snacks of the day. Make one more column for writing about all other foods you have consumed, be it a candy or a cookie. Religiously note what and when you ate.

Maintain A Food Journal

Also it will be helpful if you can mention your emotion with this extra food column. It will help you in identifying the moods and your comfort foods. Next time, when the same mood swing strikes you, you can consciously divert your attention to your hobby like reading, writing, gardening, etc.

Sweat It Out

It is very important to exercise regularly for achieving your weight loss targets. While cardiovascular exercises are very important for losing weight but they alone will not yield you desired results. For quick and stable results include strength training along with aerobic exercises in your exercise regimen. Strength training helps in building muscle mass in body. According to an estimate, after the age of 30, a woman begins to lose 3% to 5% of muscle mass each decade.

Sweat It Out

This phenomenon is known as Sarcopenia in medical parlance. This means weak muscles, less resistance and a general weakness in body accompanied with flabby body. Resistance training or strength training can help significantly in regaining and retaining the muscle mass. It will help your body’s stamina as well as help you in losing body weight significantly. Training 3 times a week for 20 minutes is good enough combined with 5 days of cardiovascular activity.

Eat From a Variety Of Fat Burning Foods

There is a long list of foods which have been identified by scientists as fat burning foods. These foods are high in antioxidants and have their own unique properties which are helpful in losing weight. For example, green tea helps in burning calories by upping the metabolism of the body. Having two cups of green tea a day will help you melt fat faster.

Fat Burning Foods

Apples are also known as weight watchers’ best friend because they contain pectin, an antioxidant compound which gets bound with water and limits the amount of fat a human body can absorb. Apples are also a powerhouse of fiber and other nutrients which make them an ideal snack. Other such fat burning foods are oats, coffee, cinnamon, pine nuts, eggs, etc.

Sleep An Undisturbed 8 Hours Sleep Each Day

Researchers have shown that our metabolism system works at its best when we have an undisturbed sleep.

8 Hours Sleep Each Day

People who do not sleep enough also experience disturbance in two crucial metabolic hormones – leptin and ghrelin. While ghrelin increases with insomnia, leptin dives down and results in more food cravings resulting in consumption of junk food.

Increase Your Fidget Factor

While exercising plays a very important role in losing weight, the significance of fidgeting cannot be undermined. By merely moving around throughout the day you can lose as much as 600 calories. It means, do not sit idle. Even when you are watching TV, do something like tapping your feet or moving your hands.

Walk your dog in the evening

In the day time also try to be as much active as possible. Next time when your cell phone rings, do not respond while sitting on the couch. Get up and start walking as you gossip on phone.  Similarly, walk your dog in the evening, take stairs instead of elevator and park your car at a wee bit more distance than your regular parking place.

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Check Your Thyroid Levels

Check out the facts. A study suggests that after 40 years of age, one out of 5 people suffer from under active thyroid gland. If you experience symptoms like fatigue, dry skin, constipation, puffiness on face, muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness along with unexplained weight gain then the culprit could be your under active thyroid gland.

Check Your Thyroid Levels

Consult your doctor and get yourself tested for thyroid. Besides, get your thyroid checked once every year after 35 years of age to avoid unnecessary health problems.


It may seem totally irrelevant here in the context of weight loss since we tend to see meditation as something related to spiritual aspects of our lives but the fact is that meditation can help you significantly in losing weight and in maintaining a general feeling of well being.


Meditation can help you in becoming alert about how you take food at times of emotional distress. It can help you avoid bingeing at the times of emotional distress – a significant cause of weight gain among a majority of people.
These tips can help you lose weight fast and keep fit for rest of your lifetime.

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