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7 Common Symptoms Of Aging Eyes

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detachment of retinaThe eyes like any other body part start degenerating with age and people start experiencing various related signs and symptoms. These symptoms of aging eyes may be indicative of serious eye problems like glaucoma, detachment of retina etc, which if not treated timely can result in permanent loss of vision.

Some of the common aging eye symptoms are discussed below.

Aging Eyes Symptoms

Inability to See Close Objects

One of the first and foremost symptoms of eye that a person faces with increasing age is inability to see close objects clearly. Elder people are often also unable to read small print very close to the eyes also.


Source: http://www.visionsource-drgall.com/presbyopia

People often have to keep their reading material at arms length to read them and often experience a tiredness of the eyes. This is a common symptom of an eye problem known as Presbyopia, which can be easily cured through glasses.


People with age can often experience a sudden vision of tiny spots or floating materials in front of their eyes. The floating materials are usually called floaters and is usually caused due to detachment of liquid gel like interior of the eyes from the retina. This symptom is usually age related and one should immediately consult an eye doctor if these floaters are being observed on a daily basis.

Tearing and Dryness of Eyes

Dryness of eyes is often one of the most common symptom of the eye which is experience by people. This dryness of the eye is because of the reduced production of tears by the glands of the eye with age. Often people complain of irritation in the eye and feel an urge to scratch it again and again.

Pain In the Eyes

eye pain

Experiencing pain in the eyes is yet another symptom related to aging eyes. This pain is usually a side effect of dry eyes. Pain in the eyes can also be an indication of an increase in power of the glasses and should not be ignored.

Narrowing Field Of Vision

A person sometimes starts experiencing a narrowing of field of vision. He is able to see objects that are directly in front of him/her and are unable to see anything on either side. This is an indication of development of glaucoma of the eyes and should be immediately checked with the eye doctor.

Sometimes people with aging eyes are unable to see a straight line and it appears wavy to them. This is as a result of loss of central vision and is known as AMD. This is usually caused by macular degenration.

Blurred Eyesight

Blurred vision, cloudy eyesight, seeing halos etc are some other common symptoms of aging eyes. Sometimes these symptoms are indicative of development of cataract in the eyes. Medical consultaion with an eye doctor is advised for people experiencing these symptoms.

Blurred Eyesight

Source: http://www.eyetoeyeoptical.ca/index_files/Page371.htm

Sometimes blurring of vision, accompanied by floaters and blind spots, may be due to diabetic retinopathy. It is very essential to seek medical advise to diagnose the correct problem and subsequent line of treatment.

Double Vision

Double vision or seeing two of one object is another very important symptom of aging eyes. Doubel vision can be due to various eye problems. Sometimes it is also indicative or major heart related problem like heart attack. Immediate medical consultation is recommended if one starts experiencing.

Photo Credit: http://medlibes.com/entry/retinal-detachment

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