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6 Symptoms Of Vaginal Yeast Infection

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By Dr. Hardik Shah, Gynaecology

A vaginal leavening infection is characterized by itching, exasperation and liberate from a vagina. This commotion is not transmitted sexually; however, can be transmitted by verbal sex. There are drugs that can provide a commotion effectively. If a commotion is recurrent, afterwards a diagnosis march might be longer than usual.


The symptoms of vaginal leavening infection are:

  1. You might knowledge a blazing prodigy in a vagina during sexual intercourse.
  2. Itching and exasperation during a opening of a vagina.
  3. Swelling in a vulva.
  4. Pain in a vagina.
  5. Vaginal discharge.
  6. Rashes in a vagina.


The commotion is caused by a ‘candida’ fungus. The vagina contains healthy germ that assistance in progressing a healthy vaginal pH level; any intrusion in a change of these naturally occurring germ might lead to leavening infection. This customarily formula from pregnancy, diabetes and regulating antibiotics that change a pH change in a vagina. A weak defence system can also lead to vaginal leavening infection.


The treatments for this commotion engage a following methods:

  1. Single Dose Oral Medication: You might be prescribed a singular sip of anti-fungal remedy to fight a symptoms of a leavening infection.
  2. Vaginal Therapy: You might have to bear a brief therapy of a vagina consisting of anti- fungal ointments and tablets.


There are certain surety measures that we can adopt to revoke a possibilities of building a leavening infection. Wear string garments and equivocate wearing parsimonious wise undergarments. Don’t stay in your soppy garments for prolonged hours as that might do most harm.

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