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6 Natural Body Acne Treatments

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6 Natural Body Acne TreatmentsJust the way it is important to care for the body internally and stay away from health crises and ailments, so is it important to keep the hair and skin healthy. For an overall personality and well-groomed look, it is equally significant to try and work towards keeping the skin clear of problems like acne and pimples. There are a lot others that you might have to face in your lifetime. However, acne is the most common and the prevalent amongst them. Here we are just not talking about acne on the face but also about body acne. Researches show that acne breakouts can occur anytime and in any part of the body especially the back.

There might be a lot of ointments and medications available in the market that you can use to get freedom from this skin problem. However, they are not totally safe and effective and neither are they affordable as natural and home remedies.You can very well treat body acne naturally without any hassles if you follow them regularly. Here, this list is to provide you with all the well-researched and top treatments to cure body acne. Check them out and make a pick according to your suitability-

How To Treat Body Acne Naturally

Benefit Of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has unlimited benefits attached to it not only for a healthy body but also for flawless skin. So if you are someone who is suffering from body acne, use aloe vera to cure it within a couple of weeks. Along with soothing the skin, it also helps in healing all kinds of skin problems especially acne.

Benefit of Aloe VeraTo get relief from breakouts and the inflammation and infection caused by it, use fresh aloe vera juice or gel on the affected area everyday. The anti-microbial property of this natural product is something that will give you a remedial measure without irritating the skin further.

Diet Changes

It is highly recommended that you bring a good and healthy change in your diet and foods that you consume everyday. Acne can be a major problem and result of unhealthy and junk eating habits. This is one of the natural ways to handle the crisis as well as affordable. Bringing a change in the diet will also benefit you in many other ways.Dairy foodsDairy foods are one category that is known to cause blockage in the pores by accumulation of toxins on the skin surface and leading to acne. These should be kept on a limited level and preferably low-fat items. Along with this, a lot of omega fatty acids should be included from sources like flaxseed, avocados and fish.

Flaxseed can be either consumed as powder or in the form of oil. Vitamin A rich foods also help in treating acne on the body. Some good examples for the same are green and yellow fruits and vegetables, egg yolk and organic liver. Zinc is known to prevent acne as well.FlaxseedThis can be taken in the form of seafood, brown rice, meat, wholegrain bread and liver. Oranges, red and yellow peppers and all other red colored foods can provide the body with bioflavonoid thus keeping the skin healthy and acne free.

The Wonders Of Exfoliating

Exfoliation is that process that if followed with commitment can actually keep the skin away from acne whether it’s the face or the body. The method is basically dedicated to removing dead cells from the skin surface and unclogs the blocked pores.Exfoliating If you are looking towards natural products for exfoliating the body, then use sugar, oatmeal, salt or grounded coffee for the purpose. It can be mixed with jojoba oil to prepare a natural exfoliator and scrub.

Use Natural Oils

Oils like tea tree oil and jojoba oil can be easily used to clean the skin and flush out the toxins to prevent acne on the body. Anyone of the oils, if used daily can help in unclogging the pores. tea tree oil Mixing both of them can also do wonders for the skin and add an extra benefit of removing the accrued bacteria on the skin. They also cure all kinds of infection and inflammations of the skin.

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The Importance Of Cleansing

Daily cleansing of the body properly with a good body wash and preferably one that helps in deep cleaning of the skin and cure acne is a must to treat the problem. mild soapThis is also valid for the face, for which various acne face washes are available in the market. A mild soap can be used to clean the body that will prevent the accumulation of bacteria on the skin and thus avoid breakouts. Douche soaps are known to lead to formation of bacteria and fungus on the skin.

Clay Masks

Clay masks is yet another natural treatment for body acne especially bentonite clay. It truly helps in pulling out the impurities from deep within the skin. It is available in the market as powder form which should be mixed well with water to form a paste before application. The toxins and dirt stick well to the clay and gets cleaned when the skin is washed. You also get an added benefit of removing excessive oil from the skin that is one significant reason of acne breakouts.bentonite clayFor using bentonite clay, mix two tablespoons of the same with water and form a good layer on the skin from this paste. Keep this on the skin until it is completely dry and then use cold water to wash it off. Along with acne, you will find the blemishes getting removed from the skin in just a matter of weeks.

Wear cotton clothes and lose ones that help in preventing further irritation on the skin till the problem persists. These are the best natural treatments and remedies that you can apply to your daily living. However, if the problem persists any longer, it is always suggested that you visit a doctor or a dermatologist to get to the root of the problem. There can be any other serious cause for body acne and not just unhealthy eating or unhygienic ways of lifestyle.

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