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6 Important Symptoms Of Cracking Feet

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6 Important Symptoms Of Cracking FeetCracking feet as the name suggests is a condition of the feet, in which fissures are formed on the surface of the heel. These fissures may be shallow or deep in nature. Usually only the upper layer of the skin cracks and forms fissures.

This is usually not very painful and the person is able to carry out daily routine activities easily. However, in certain cases these fissures may reach the lower skin surface and may be a cause of great pain.

The cracking of the feet usually occurs due to excessive pressure on the feet and dry skin. Sometimes cracking feet are also caused due to mineral and vitamin deficiency. Some of the very common symptoms of cracking feet are discussed below.

Cracking Feet Symptoms


The first and foremost symptom of cracked feet is redness of the affected area. The heels or feet become cracked and the skin appears red.

RednessThis redness is due to the inflammation of the tissues of the feet.

Flaky Patches

The people suffering from cracked feet often experience dry patches of skin on the surface and sole of the feet. These dry patches of skin are often flaky in nature and often cause pain.

Flaky PatchesThese flaky patches of the feet are especially very painful when they come in contact and rub against other clothing like bed sheets, socks etc.

Peeling Skin

Peeling of skin is yet another symptom which follows the red and flaky skin in case of cracked feet. The dead skin tissues often peel off from the surface of the heel or sole. One must not try to pulling or peeling the tissue of skin as it may harm the other attached tissues of the skin.

Peeling SkinThis may be a cause of great pain to the person suffering from cracked feet. It is recommended to use scissors to slowly cut of the peeling edges of the skin to reduce it being scratched and rubbed against other surfaces or clothing.


Appearance of cracks on the surface of heels is another very common symptom of cracking feet. Cracks formed maybe few or many depending upon the condition of the feet.


These cracks are usually very rough in texture and covered with peeling skin. This can sometimes be a very painful condition and person may experience difficulty in walking.

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The person suffering from cracked feet often experience mild to sever itchiness of the feet. This itchiness is caused due to dryness of the skin. The skin tissues shrink abnormally resulting in stretching of the skin below, thus resulting in general discomfort and itchy skin.

ItchingPeople often apply oil or an oil based cream on the cracked skin area to provide temporary relief from the itchiness caused due to cracked feet.


People affected with cracked feet condition, in some cases may experience bleeding from the cracks on the feet. This is a very painful condition and should be immediately shown to the doctor for treatment.

BleedingSometimes people observe a liquid discharge from these cracks also. If such a condition arises, one should immediately seek medical help as it may be an indication of a fungal or yeast infection. Keeping the cracked feet clean and wearing comfortable open slippers may help in the spread of such infections.

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