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5 Ways To Improve Foreplay Technique

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Ways To Improve Foreplay Technique

For any smooth relationship, there are a lot of factors that needs to be considered. To make sure that the level of intimacy and love does not fall to low levels, one should work on communication, understanding, trust and even the physical aspect of the bonding. According to researchers, sexual intimacy is one of the most significant aspects for a healthy relation.

Just as sex is an integral part of the lives of a couple, foreplay is the main factor of sex that can decide the levels of sexual gratification. However, a lot of people tend to avoid the importance of foreplay before intercourse and end up in dissatisfaction of faster climaxes. This guide below is to help out the couples with the effectual ways on how to improve the foreplay technique and live a pleasurable life.

How To Improve Foreplay Technique

Do Not Instantly Target The Hot Spots

Do Not Instantly Target The Hot Spots

It is not a good idea to instantly reach the hot spots of your mate. To kick off the foreplay in a successful manner it is always better to first reach for areas like the shoulder, the arms, hair, legs and back for rubbing before you move to the most erogenous zones of the body like breasts, neck, or any other. This will give your partner the time to warm up and you won’t even reflect desperateness and selfishness.

Undress Slowly

Undress Slowly

Another of the good ways to actually improve on the foreplay process is the undressing part. Make sure it is slow and steady. For those who want successful foreplay should know that anticipation plays a significant role. Give them the feel that you are about to undress their top or pants. This will tickle their senses and heighten their sensuality. Along with this, it will make the subsequent touches all the more sensual and seductive, giving you good room for improvement in foreplay.

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Mark An Experience

Mark An Experience

Use your creativity and mark an experience that your partner will remember for days to come. For example, men can cover the eyes of their women while undressing their top. They will not know where you will move next and make her sensitive to your touches. This is the right moment to take advantage of and which will help you get better results from your foreplay technique. Make her squirm by going one layer of clothing at a time. This is one of the ideal ways to seduce her and get good results from foreplay. The same is valid for men too. Women can really mark a good experience by thinking of novel ideas.

Talk Dirty

Talk Dirty

If you are someone who is looking for improved foreplay technique then remember that words are as important as actions. Dirty talks are something that will really spark up the situation. Try and whisper it in her ears by uniquely combining it with compliments. Show them how sexy and seductive they are.

Be Gentle

Being light and gentle on the body of your partner will always work better than getting rough. Also, do not go too fast as it might tickle her and she might just laugh instead of the moans.

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