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5 Ways To Deal With Heartburn During Pregnancy

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By Dr. Anil Chittake, Gynaecology

Heartburn is not an odd problem during pregnancy. More than 50% of women get a heartburn during pregnancy. This is generally common for women who are in a third or second trimesters of a pregnancy. It is also rarely expected that we might mistreat your baby if we try to heal your heartburn by vulnerable methods. These are some methods by that we can revoke your chances of heartburn but harming your baby:

1. Do not eat too most during once

This is essential and exceedingly reduces your chances of removing heartburn during pregnancy.

2. Avoid sharp foods

Spicy dishes tend to relax one of a muscles in your digestive tract famous as a reduce esophageal sphincter. The decrease of this flesh increases your chances of removing a heartburn. Fried or other abounding dishes do a same thing.

3. Drink reduction when we are eating

It has been proven that celebration while eating causes poison reflux really often. Heartburn itself is customarily caused by an poison reflux from a stomach.

4. When we distortion down, keep your conduct during a aloft level

Heartburn is when a food comes behind out of your esophagus due to an poison reflux. Use pillows and put your conduct during a aloft turn when we rest. This will forestall heartburn.

5. Over-the-counter medications

Only take over-the-counter drugs prescribed by your doctor. It is also value note that heartburn relievers are some-more effective than other drugs in restorative heartburn as they form a cloaking around a esophagus that can be harmful.

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