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5 Significant Causes of Body Itching

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5 Significant Causes of Body ItchingOne of the very common problems that people usually suffer from is that of itching in the body. Millions of people around the globe complain of itching sensation in the body in some or the other part. There can be a lot of health ailments that can lead to such issues along with innumerable reasons and causes. Body itching might be a frequent occurring problem but then it is definitely one that needs to be treated properly. It is not a serious health hazard but can cause discomfort in the body.

Before you actually start the process of treatments, it is always a better idea to get a hang of all the causes that might be associated with the problem. This will give you more than a fair idea what you are into and how to get freedom from it in an ideal manner. This health guide below lists down all the possible causes of body itching for your convenience.

Common Causes Of Body Itching


Allergic reactions is one of the most significant causes of whole body itching. Herein, skin sensitivities can also be included in the list.

itching in the bodyUsage of any new products that might have not suited your skin and leaves behind rashes, dry skin, soreness and more also leaves itching as a reaction. There are a lot of other symptoms of allergies of different kinds, but itching in the body skin is one of the most universal to this cause.

Skin Conditions And Infections

A major cause associated with itchiness in the body skin is skin infections and conditions. Eczema, scabies, lice, hives, chicken pox, dermatitis, psoriasis and more are some of the examples to be stated here.

EczemaIf you suffer from any of these infections then you will definitely undergo severe itchiness. It might also include rashes, bumps and blisters on the skin.


Another of cause for regular itching in various parts of the body can be due to dryness. Environmental factors can be responsible for dry skin and can cause the discomfort of itchiness.

DrynessWashing or bathing more than required can also lead to such a situation along with hot and cold weathers that have minimal or no humidity levels.

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Internal Body Diseases

Apart from skin infections, any kind of diseases of the internal organs can also result in itchiness in the body. Liver disease and kidney failure are some of them.

AnemiaAnemia, cancers, thyroid problems and lymphoma can also be some of the causes for the same. You will have normal skin apart from the areas where you have regular itching problems and are scratched frequently.


Another of the common causes of itching is when a woman is in the pregnancy phase. This can be completely stated as one of the causes.

normal pregnancyAbdomen, arms, breasts and thighs are some of the most affected zones in this regard. Stretch marks can be another of the reasons for body itching herein.

Drugs And Medications

Some antibiotics and those medications that have anti fungal properties can be a reason why y0u are showing sudden itching issues in the body.

Drugs and Medications

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