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5 Reasons Behind Post-Menopausal Bleeding

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By, Dr. Ramandeep Kaur, Gynaecology

Menstruation is a healthy routine in women that starts in adolesence and continues for a estimable duration of time. This routine ensures not usually a health of a lady yet also indicates a time compartment that she can conceive. Generally after 45 and 55 years of age, women no longer have any vaginal draining for some-more than a year, initiating a duration famous as menopause. Though this duration is noted by no bleeding, infrequently women might knowledge few postmenopausal bleeding. This condition, yet apparently might seem harmless, requires a evident remedy and a revisit by a doctor.

There are many causes that minister to this. Some of them are-

1. Development of Polyps
Sometimes, growth of polyps possibly on a uterus or on a cervical waterway can be hold as an critical reason for instances of post menopausal bleeding.

2. Thinning of Endometrium
The uterus is lined by a hankie famous as endometrium. After menopause, overdue to low estrogen level, a wall might be thinned that can minister to draining post menopause.

3. Thickening of Uterus
Often times, after menopause, a walls of a uterus might turn thickened heading to draining after menopause.

4.  Uterine Cancer
If draining persists after menopause, it might be demonstrative of uterine cancer that will subsequently need evident medication.

5. Infection
Sometimes infections in a uterus or in a cervix can be a reason for a bleeding.

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