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5 Mistakes Men Make In Bed

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Mistakes Men Make In BedThough Sex is a biological instinct still if done properly then it can give you the divine pleasure. Sex is often compared to a form of “Art”, which indicates that only few people can master it and enjoy the bliss. As man plays a vital role in sexual activity so often the level of satisfaction depends much on their actions and thus improper ways may often end up in dissatisfaction or separation.

Sexual relationship not only satisfies your physical needs but also strengthen the emotional bonding with your partner. So often unsatisfying sex becomes a stress for your partner which she tries to keep off and this gradually leads to misunderstandings, fights, break ups or even infidelity.

Since this article dedicates to all men who are already in a relationship and who are going to be in relationship as well. Here we will give you the ideas about the 5 common errors which men often commit in bed, and show you the ways how you can please your lady love with utmost satisfaction and make her mad about you.

Common Mistakes Men Make In Bed

Not Having Foreplay

Not Having ForeplayThere are some men who doesn’t feel the importance of foreplay and take it a waste of time and jumped to the intercourse directly. But every woman likes to be loved and pampered by her lover and foreplay slowly arouses the desire in her. It stimulates the sexual urge and she feels more connected with you. It prepares her mind and set her body for the upcoming activity and she could be more responsive.

It expresses your way of love, the sensuous touch, passionate kissing all over body, caressing her or saying some romantic or naughty things in ears, is all she want. Along with the physical urge foreplay open up the minds of the women to indulge in the sexual activity and which provides a much satisfying and deeper orgasm than ever she had.

Not Understanding Her Expression

Women Enjoys Sex Along With Emotional BondingMany men often do this mistake by not understanding her expression that what she is feeling. Generally women are shy to speak up her needs or what she doesn’t need on the bed. But it’s men’s duty to understand their partner’s body language. If you assume that if seems to be in pain or scared while you touching her or shifting her body in certain way this means she doesn’t enjoying it rather its hurting her so try be tender and softer in your action and if she remains too casual or unmoved then its time to get more wild.

Too Much Hurry

Too Much HurryWhen you are having sex with the person you love, you need to have a long time and enjoy every bit of it. Women don’t get pleasure from men who are always in a hurry.

It is more of an activity than an expression of love. So slow down your process, just relax and relish every passionate touch, stroke, kiss or caressing of your partner. Utilize the hold body try to give full attention and pamper each of her body part, when you start it slowly at the end you get the stronger orgasm and a great deal of satisfaction.

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Being Emotionless

This is a complaint of many women about their partners. Women enjoys sex along with emotional bonding, so treating her only like a machine or only being technically perfect cant enable you the real charm of the sex. As women liked to be loved by her man and slowly get charged up by this bonding. So sometimes romantic or naughty talking during the sexual play helps a great deal to get a harder orgasm than by just mere sexual intercourse.

Treating Her As Porn star

Treating Her As Porn StarAnother blunder which men often commit in bed, that treats his partner to act like porn stars. Men can have many fantasies regarding her women during a sexual activity but you need to make sure that does she comfortable with or not? Remember this is reality and not porn film and every woman have different choice so better to talk about this before than to create an uncomfortable situation.

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