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5 herbal teas with targeted health effects [infographic]

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Herbal teas can easily be part of your daily routine. You can flavor them with liquid stevia without any worry of glycemic effect. Honey is my second favorite sweetener if it is raw. In that form, it still contains beneficial minerals and vitamins.

Look for these 5 herbal teas at your local health food stores. And for more healthy tea options, check out the articles listed below.

Yoga in a cup: Calming and cancer-fighting

It’s okay if yoga isn’t your cup of tea. Because you can get some of its benefits in a cup of this tea. And studies have shown that some of its phytochemicals can help prevent skin, liver, oral and lung cancers too.

Viral pandemic protection in a tea cup

Last year the bird flu was spreading like wildfire. Scientists thought there was a good chance it would make the jump from birds to humans. It didn’t this time, thankfully. But you need to know how to protect yourself against any virus…

Can peppermint tea pep up your memory?

A good memory is something you can easily take for granted until you begin to lose it. Forgetting people’s names, where you put your keys and the title of the movie you just saw are all considered “normal” as you age. But if that’s the case, who wants to be normal?

11 facts about mysterious, medicinal kombucha tea

Kombucha, also known as the elixir of life, is not your typical cup of tea. This mildly fermented beverage has been around for centuries and is often touted as a near-miraculous cure-all.

Teas for your health needs

Teas may be the most versatile beverages ever invented. They not only refresh, they can help you lose weight, boost your personal energy, improve your mood and help you fight off a virus. Here’s a guide to the herbal teas that are the most beneficial.

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