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5 Herbal Remedies For Osteoarthritis

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Herbal Remedies For OsteoarthritisOsteoarthritis is the bone problem seen to occur mostly in people aged 40 and above, it is hence better to use safer ways like herbs to solve it. Osteoarthritis is actually a degenerative disease of the bone joints that can occur due to mechanical, metabolic, hereditary or developmental reasons. There are several good herbal remedies for Osteoarthritis that can be availed instead of opting the final treatment method, i.e surgically replacing the joint.

Alternative medication helps in curing the problem internally and permanently with no particular side effects to worry about. The following are the herbs that work best for osteoarthritis and general arthritis as well. The right dose and a perseverance can help the patient considerably to improve the joint trouble.

Best Herbal Remedies For Osteoarthritis


FeverfewFeverfew is one of the best herbal remedies for osteoarthritis. Other than treating rheumatic pain, it treats several problems cause severe internal pain like, headaches, childbirth, menstruation and abortion. You can take 80 to 100 mg of whole leaves of Feverfew in a day. Beware not to chew the leaves; this may cause inflammation of tissues in the mouth in case practiced daily.

Cat’s Claw

Cat’s Claw is used to treat arthritis primarily other than cancer, ulcers, diabetes, etc. The herb comes in two different types, Uncaria Tomentosa and Uncaria Guianensis and both of these are useful for arthritis.

The former for osteoarthritis and the latter for rheumatoid arthritis. The dosage of the herb depends upon the stage in which your disease is. It is necessary you consult with an herbal practitioner regarding the dosage of the herb. Or you can grind and have some of its leaves once a day to see if it is working, if not, simply increase a dose.

Devil’s Claw

The herb is only named Devil’s Claw because of its appearance, but is a gift to mankind. It is basically apt herbal treatment for osteoarthritis. 750mg of Devil’s Claw is a fixed dosage to take by an osteoarthritis patient.

The dosage is to be consumed 3 times a day. And because a lot of it is to be consumed at a time, it is better the patient uses it for a short period of time instead of continuing it as a whole year’s course.

Wild Yam

Wild YamApart from joint pains the herb also treats other pain problems, coughs, sickness, etc. The misconception about the herb is that it contains feminine hormones in it. This is very wrong as stated by latest studies done on the herb and it can be consumed by osteoarthritis patients without being worried about such side effects. One has to consult with a doctor to know the exact dosage of the herb to avoid taking too much or too less of the medicine.


SkullcapSkullcap, also known as Scutellaria and Chinese skullcap, have been an herb being used for medicinal purposes for the last 2000 years. Now it is being used worldwide to treat patients of osteoarthritis and many more bone diseases.

The whole plant of this herb can be consumed as a cure to bone diseases but doctors suggest only consuming the root of the herb is enough to reduce inflammation in the joints affected by osteoarthritis. Consume 3 to 6 grams of the paste made out of only the roots. You can have all these herbal remedies for osteoarthritis together or choose to have any one or two at a time. It wouldn’t have any harmful side effects to your body whatsoever.

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