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5 Effective Home Remedies For Night Sweats

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Home Remedies For Night SweatsNight sweats is a problem that can occur to both men and women, but mostly women experience night sweats more than men. Night sweats generally occurs after mid age or we can say after menopause. Night sweats are caused by too much heat but various other factors are also responsible for causing night sweats.

The various causes for night sweats are having some infection, using certain medicines like medicines for depression, chronic disease like cancer, T.B. can also cause night sweats, hormonal changes can also be the reason and also sometimes very much excitement can also cause night sweats. Night sweats can be treated by various medications available at any drug stores. Additionally we can use some home remedies too for the treatment of night sweats. Generally these home remedies are very effective but it is better to consult your doctor before using.

Home Remedies For Night Sweats

Chilled Water

Chilled Water For Night SweatsOne of the reasons for causing night sweats is excessive heat, by taking chilled water, the effect of excessive heat start decreasing. Water can be an instant reliever in case of night sweats due to too much heat. Also it will help in keeping your body properly hydrated, so keeping a glass of water beside your bed is often advised.

Careful Diets

Balanced Diet For Night SweatsTaking proper and balanced diet is also very effective in minimizing night sweats. Having too much spicy and fried food can add up to night sweating, similarly avoiding high fat containing food can be useful too.

Caffeine and smoking should be avoided along with alcoholic drinks. Instead taking vegetables like spinach, fruits and salads is better. Soya beans or soya milk is also useful. Always use fruits with high vitamin C like orange, tomatoes, strawberry, melons and various others, as they will decrease the frequencies of night sweats.

Herbal Tea

Herbal TeaHerbal tea is very useful in balancing the hormonal change, night sweats is also caused due to hormonal changes, and having herbal tea twice a day can help during these hormonal changes and also helps decreasing night sweats. You can find varieties of herbal tea in your city market. Just make sure you buy organic herbal tea like licorice tea, black cohosh tea and other organic teas.

Exercise Relaxing

Exercise For Night SweatsIn case of night sweats, taking some time for exercise is also advised or just simple relaxing can also decrease night sweats. There are various exercises that will be very helpful specially exercises that helps in muscle relaxing.

These routines are not hard or cause any stress, one is lay on your back, keep your both hands below your head crossing fingers together, then slowly raise up one leg but not very high. After few seconds lower that leg slowly and repeat same with the other leg. This will help your muscles to relax and will definitely help in decreasing night sweats occurrence.


Yoga For Night SweatsYoga is the best solution for various health related problem, even many medical experts recommend yoga in many problems. One particular asana (position) of yoga for night sweats relief is ‘Pranayam’. Just sit straight with both hands on your lap, and then breathe slowly. This simple method can prove out to show magical relief in case of night sweats.

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