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5 Effective Diet Treatment For Allergies

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Diet Treatment For AllergiesAn allergy is a condition wherein the immune system of the body reacts abnormally to normal conditions. That is, this external factor may not cause a similar reaction to others, while it may prove to react to your immune system. Allergies affect almost 8 per cent of the world’s population and can be triggered by a variety of factors.

External agents such as sudden change in temperature, pollen, dust, medicines, insect bites or even certain food substances may cause allergies. Allergies in minor form can result in skin rashes, constant sneezing but in more serious form it can result in difficulty in breathing or sudden constriction of blood vessels.

In serious allergic reactions, the first line of treatment is a shot of penicillin but you can also avoid the allergic reaction altogether by following the ideal diet. These diet supplements naturally enhance the body’s immune ability so that the allergic reaction doesn’t cause any degradation of the body systems.  Here are some of the foods you could include in your diet:

Best Diet Treatment For Allergies

Food With Antihistaminic Properties

Cherries For AllergiesSome foods such as grapes, cherries, onions and radishes have antihistaminic properties which act on inflammation and swelling. They enhance blood flow to the affected areas and also cut down on infections like sinusitis. You could try citrus fruit juices such as orange or tomato juice as well.


Salmon For AllergiesFishes such as sardines, salmon, tuna and mackerel have anti-inflammatory properties and a high amount of antioxidants. The omega 3 fatty acid works against the constant inflammation happening in your system and protects the body from allergic reactions. You can consume two servings of fish daily along with your other foods to get the best results.

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Hydration For AllergiesWater plays a key role in the benefit from allergies. People suffering from seasonal allergies tend to get dehydrated because of sudden sweating. If you have enough water in your body, the allergen reactions tends to get diluted and the overall intensity of it gets reduced.

Remember to have about 10 glasses of water on a daily basis. Water also helps to clear the nasal passage and prevents any dust or pollens from sticking to it. You can also have green tea which acts on the cells that produce histamine during an allergic reaction.

Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds For AllergiesFlax seed is rich in antioxidants and high level of omega 3 fatty acid. Both these agents are essential to combat inflammation and allergic symptoms. Flax seed is available in seed, meal or flour forms and is also available in the form of supplements. Sprinkle some ground flax seeds or flax in powder form over your salads and include it in your daily diet.

Food To Avoid

Avoid Milk Or Yogurts For AllergiesDairy products are to be avoided when your symptoms are at their peak. Milk or yogurts tend to stick to the oral passages and increase the secretion of mucous which causes sinusitis. Dairy products can also result in a feeling of suffocation in the affected individual so it is better if you avoid it. You can maintain calcium intake by consuming fresh green vegetables like spinach or broccoli.

It is important to stay away from dairy products as soon as allergic symptoms show up. You could avoid episodes of allergic reactions and your discomfort during them with the help of these few diet tips. There is no need for extra ordinary measures to fight your allergies and just a couple of modifications will do the trick.

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