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5 Diet To Be Followed For Peptic Ulcer

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Diet To Be Followed For Peptic UlcerThe tearing down of the skin in the digestive track leading to an open sore due to acidic digestive juices is known as Peptic ulcer. It affects the lining of the stomach, duodenum and esophagus. Stress, improper diet, bad lifestyles, spicy food, coffee, tea, tobacco, smoking and alcohol are the main causes for peptic ulcer.

It can also be caused by the H. pylori bacteria. Fasting regularly for a long duration can also be one of the causes for Peptic ulcer. The tendency to develop such ulcers exists throughout the affected person’s life. However, this can be controlled by having a proper and specific diet and lifestyle. Following are some diet methods, which if followed can counter the peptic ulcers.

Best Diet For Peptic Ulcer


Cabbage For Peptic UlcerThe fiber found in vegetables such as cabbage is not only good to treat peptic ulcer, but also helps to prevent it. Add a little cabbage to your everyday diet and see the difference.  Take some cabbage, and boil it for some time, approximately, 10 minutes.

Then you can have this medicinal extract as a soup with your diet. You can have this extract twice a day. You can also take the juice of cabbage and have it everyday for a week. Since the juice is strong, you can add any other juice (for example, carrot juice) to this and consume it.

Coral Tree Leaves

Coral Tree Leaves For Peptic UlcerThis tree is scientifically called Erythrina abyssinica. Take the leaves of coral tree, and grind it fine. Then mix it with yogurt and have a couple of spoons ten minutes before your lunch and dinner. Repeat this process for a week and you can witness visible results. It has a powerful healing content and will help the ulcer heal quicker.

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Bananas And Bittergourd

Bananas For Peptic UlcerThough all fruits are good in ulcers, bananas are the best. Banana reduces the level of gastric juices and also reduces the irritation caused due to the ulcer. Banana accompanied with a glass of milk is a preferred diet for people suffering from ulcers

Bitter gourd is known to work miracles in many a disease condition, Extract some juice of bitter gourd, and add some honey in case you can’t drink it directly. Then have this, juice early in the morning. Just adding this one glass of juice to your diet will have miraculous effects.

Garlic And Ginger

Garlic And Ginger For Peptic UlcerGarlic has great anti bacterial properties which can help in curing peptic ulcer. You should consume atleast 2 -3 cloves of garlic atleast twice a day to treat peptic ulcer. Another wonder herb which can help in curing peptic ulcer is ginger. As ginger has many anti ulcer compounds, it can be effectively used to cure ulcer, contrary to popular belief that this is not good for heartburns.

Ginger can be consumed by many ways. You can simply eat it raw by sucking the juice as much as you can. The juice can also be extracted manually and 1-2 teaspoons can be consumed twice a day. When you have tea, you can include ginger to this and have ginger tea.

Food To Be Avoided

Avoid Coffee For Peptic UlcerAnything with citrus content is not good for peptic ulcer. This includes fruits such as oranges and grapes. Avoid tea, coffee, and aerated drinks. You must also stay away from sour food such as tomatoes and tamarind. Therefore you should avoid tomato soups, although you can have other soups.

Avoid spicy food and the intake of salt in your food should be kept to minimal. Alcohol results in dehydration, which is very bad for your body and helps in aggravating ulcer. Hence you must avoid alcohol as well. One of the main causes of peptic ulcer is an improper diet. By making simple dietary changes, peptic ulcer can be brought under control and eliminated too.

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