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5 Complications Of Open Wounds

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By Dr. Archit Aggarwal, Dermatology,

An open wound is one that involves a event in a physique hankie that affects a skin. There might be several kinds of open wounds, such as:






Causes of open wounds

1.Rubbing or scraping of a skin.

This is one of a vital causes of an open wound. If a skin rubs or bits opposite a severe aspect it automatically leads to a event of a physique hankie ensuing in a lot of bleeding.

2.Sharp objects

Sharp objects like knives or shards of potion can repairs ligaments and muscles along with a skin tissue. Wounds caused by bullets are also open puncture wounds.

Complications of open wounds

Open wounds are generally deliberate submissive though if untreated they can lead to critical complications, such as:

1.Bleeding and swelling

One of a categorical risks of an untreated open wound is a fear of an infection. It might mostly lead to continuous draining and swelling.


An untreated open wound for a prolonged time might lead to a high fever. The chairman who is pang from a wound might have heat over 100.4 grade for some time.


If a wound is not treated for a prolonged time afterwards a thick immature and yellow tone pus might fill a segment and be discharged.

4.Swelling in groin and armpit

In many cases a wound that has not been treated for a prolonged time leads to a proposal pile nearby a groin and a armpit.

5.No response to medicines.

An open wound that is left untreated for a prolonged duration of time might stop responding to medication. Refusal of a wound to reanimate is one of a vital complications of an open wound.

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