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4 Stages Of Liver Cancer

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By Dr. Dinesh Singh, Oncology

Liver cancer is a form of cancer that affects a cells benefaction in a liver. The liver cells tend to duty abnormally and also change in appearance. These carcenogenic cells start to impact other circuitously tissues and widespread to other tools of a body. Liver cancer is generally personal into dual types:

  1. Primary Liver Cancer: In this case, a cancer starts in a liver.
  2. Secondary Liver Cancer: In box of delegate liver cancer, a cancer spreads from other tools of a physique to a liver.


Liver cancer produces symptoms of fast weight loss, tingling skin and fatigue. Lack of ardour total with queasiness is also really common. Liver cancer might lead to jaundice and flourishing in a stomach.


The accurate means of liver cancer is not known, though there are certain factors that might make one significantly exposed to this disorder.

  1. Excessive ethanol expenditure can boost a risks of liver cancer.
  2. Being influenced by viral infections.
  3. Damaged bile ducts in a liver.
  4. Haemochromatosis, a commotion wherein a levels of iron in a physique arise significantly.
  5. Obesity joined with an diseased lifestyle.

Stages of Liver Cancer-

Liver cancer is customarily damaged down into 4 stages:

Stage 1: This theatre is characterized by a growth in a liver.

Stage 2: In this stage, a growth might widespread to a adjoining blood vessels. There might also be mixed tumors.

Stage 3: At theatre 3, cancer might have widespread to other viscera in a physique with a distance of a growth being some-more than 5 cm.

Stage 4: Here, cancer spreads to other areas such as a skeleton or a lungs.


The diagnosis options for liver cancer are –

  1. Surgery: Surgical procedures to provide liver cancer engage stealing possibly a partial or a whole liver, formed on how distant a liver cancer has progressed. A liver transplant is compulsory in box a whole liver is excised.
  2. Chemotherapy: In this treatment, certain drugs are injected into a physique to destroy a carcenogenic cells in a liver.
  3. Radio Surgery: If growth is tiny we can do Radio medicine differently called Cyberknife or hot needle ingrained in a tumor.
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