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4 Sexual Myths and Facts

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By Dr. Nitin Sharma, Sexology

There are a lot of misconceptions that revolve around sex and that many people, unfortunately trust to be true. However, these misconceptions need to be debunked to make people wakeful about a significant aspects of sex.

Here are a few sex misconceptions debunked:

#1Myth: You can't get profound if we have sex during periods

Fact: This is wrong as even yet a chances are slim, we can get profound if we have defenceless sex during periods. The spermatazoa competence live on for 6 or some-more days within your physique and fertilize a egg during a subsequent ovulation period.

#2Myth: Douching (washing a vagina with a eruption of water, vinegar or soda) after sex reduces chances of pregnancy

Fact: Having defenceless sex is expected to make we profound even if we douche a vagina after a intercourse. Douching a vagina with vinegar, soda etc usually increases a chances of an infection.

#3Myth: You can’t get STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) from verbal sex

Fact: Sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoea, syphilis, hepatitis B, herpes, HPV, can all be widespread by verbal sex. However, there is a really slim possibility of constrictive HIV from verbal sex. Thus, to forestall STDs, we should deposit in masculine and womanlike condoms. Even if we are indulging in verbal sex, it’s improved to be protected and deposit in dental dams that act as contraceptives and revoke chances of STDs that widespread by verbal sex.

#4Myth: You will know if your partner contracts STD

Fact: Most people are wakeful when they agreement a STD judging by a symptoms. However, there are some STDs that aren’t really critical and don’t have clear symptoms, though can be upheld on by verbal or anal sex. If not rescued and treated in time, these STDs can spin into critical infections later.

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