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4 Major Causes Of Back Acne

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Major Causes Of Back Acne

The American Academy of Dermatology indicates that almost 40 million individuals suffer from acne every year, in the United States alone. This condition usually affects individuals in their teenage years and can persist even when they are in adulthood.

Acne may develop in many forms such as blackheads and whiteheads, which are mild in nature as compared to nodular and cystic acne, which are severe types of acne. It is important to note that this condition does not only affect the face but may also develop in other body parts, such as the back. There are several reasons behind the occurrence of back acne. Given below are some common causes of back acne.

4 Causes Of Back Acne



Sebum is the name given to the oil that is manufactured naturally by your skin. Oil glands help in lubricating the hair present in the hair follicle or pore. Back acne is known as develop due to clogging of the pores, which occurs because of the accumulation of trapped oils inside the pore.

Mayoclinic.com states that acne usually develops on the face, shoulder, back, neck and chest due to the fact that these parts of the body possess the most active oil glands. They further state that excess production of sebum is one of the primary reasons behind the development of acne.


Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating, which may occur due to strenuous physical activity, may trigger back acne. Mayoclinic.com adds that sweat, dirty and oils are common triggers of acne. To prevent the occurrence of back acne, it is very important that you shower immediately after any strenuous physical activity.

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The American Academy of Dermatology indicates that almost every individual experiences some type of acne during his or her lifetime. Genetics have also been linked to the development of acne. If one person in the family suffers from back acne, there is a very high possibility of another person in the family suffering from it too.

Scientists have derived the link between genetics and acne, and they believe that genetics have an influence over hormones. This causes them to secrete more oils, which results in the formation of acne.

According to the results of a research study published in ‘The American Journal of Investigative Dermatology’, it was indicated that genetics may be responsible for triggering an inflammatory response, which leads to the occurrence of acne.

Dirty Environment

Dirty Environment

Dirty clothes, when in contact with your skin, may aggravate it and trigger back acne. Dirty sheets may also be responsible for back acne as may be coated with certain oils and dirt that accumulate over the skin. This may irritate the skin.

It is important that you wash your sheets and bedding at least twice a week to prevent dirt from accumulating. Long hair may also be a cause of back acne, as it may cause irritation of the skin.

This is due to the fact that hair possesses certain oils that are transferred to the skin. In addition to that, using greasy hair products may also irritate the skin. It is important that you aim to wash your hair daily. This helps to keep your hair healthy as well as your back, free from acne.

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