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4 Exercises That Can Harm You!

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By Dr Ranjana Arora , Physiotherapy

You travel into a gym and see a skinny man struggling to lift complicated on his behind a neck barbell press. That is a recipe for a shoulder injury; further there are countless exercises such as a ‘behind a neck’ press that can do some-more mistreat than good. You need to be wakeful of such exercises as some of them can means serious repairs to your body.

Here are 4 exercises that we should not be doing

  1. ‘Behind a neck’ press: This is one of a tack exercises for a shoulder. The shoulder flesh is essentially divided into front, side and a behind deltoids. This exercises prioritizes a side and a behind deltoids as we lift a barbell from behind we neck. Now this practice places a lot of highlight on a rotator cuffs of a shoulder as it requires limit outmost revolution of a shoulder. If not finished correctly, this can repairs a rotator cuff.
  2. Upright barbell row: The honest barbell quarrel is another practice that is deliberate to be really good for a shoulder. It requires we to lift a complicated bucket in front of a physique as we lift a bar adult to a chest. As we lift a bar in front of your chest, your shoulders get outwardly rotated; this can again means repairs to a rotator cuffs, generally if we don’t do any rotator slap exercises.
  3. A far-reaching hold dais press: While barbell presses are a fury for building a pectoral muscles, holding a really far-reaching hold on a barbell press might assistance we build a bigger chest though put highlight on a shoulders. Most people tend to go complicated on a barbell presses, so a far-reaching hold dais can means shoulder injury; generally so if a shoulders muscles are not strong.
  4. Heavy barbell squat: The hunker is one of a substructure exercises in bodybuilding, and it has measureless advantages for a body. However if finished incorrectly, it can repairs your reduce behind and means a slipped disk. So equivocate lifting complicated on a hunker to forestall injury

And, if in box someone suggests we to follow these exercises, always initial check with a physiotherapist before doing them.

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