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4 Best Stomach Flattening Exercises

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Stomach Flattening Exercises

Health is precious and to maintain good health it is very important to look for ways that can keep you fit and active and regulate the body functioning as well. By keeping the right health, you can avoid a lot of hazards and ailments as well as ensure a proper and smoother lifestyle. One of the safest and the most effective ways in which you can do that is through exercises.

It is a physical activity of the body and keeps it in proper form and shape which is very much an important requisite. However, you need to know that there are different forms of exercises for different aims that you need to fulfill. This guide below is a health guide that lists down the top notch exercises that will help you in flattening the stomach which has aesthetic advantages as well along with health ones. Choose any from these 4 best exercises and extract maximum outcomes that you always desired.

Stomach Flattening Exercises

Stability Ball Transfers

Stability Ball Transfers

One of the top notch exercises that helps in flattening of the stomach and the abs if followed regularly is that of stability ball transfers. It works on both the upper and the lower abs and is quite effective in giving you the right results. All you need to do is lie on your back with the legs extended and the stability balls should be held with arms extended and just over the head.

Now the shoulder blades should be lifted above the ground along with raising the arms and the legs as well and placing the ball in between the feet. Now next is to lower the arms and the legs downwards but do not let it rest completely. Start again from the starting position and repeat it at least 25 times in the set of 4 for effective outcomes.

The Scissors Exercise Position

The Scissors Exercise Position

Scissors exercise helps in toning of the lower abs which helps in flattening of the stomach as well from the lower end. For this exercising position you need to lie down on your back and then extend the legs in a straight position where the feet are joined together.

The hands should be easily places under the hips which will keep the lower back pressed well onto the ground. Now lift the feet at least 6 inches from the ground. Now raise the right foot followed by left one quickly. The feet should not be allowed to touch the ground until the exercise is over. 25 repetitions of the same is quite an effective idea.

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Planks Exercise

Planks Exercise For Stomach Flattening

Not only does this exercise help in stomach flattening but also stimulate the muscles in the core. Along with this it also stabilizes the shoulder muscles as an added benefit. To start, you need to lower the upper part of the body in way that you are on your elbows.

The elbows and feet should support your body’s weight which can be done by pressing the toes. Herein, remember that the spine should be in a straight line starting from the head to the toes. This position should be held for about 45 seconds each of the three sets of repetitions.

Knee Tucks With Stability Ball

Knee Tucks With Stability Ball

Stability ball is of great use where stomach flattening is concerned. If you combine it with knee tucks it triggers the results to a good extent. The ball should be places under the hips and use the hands to walk it until the ball is under the feet. The knees should be now brought towards the chest by rolling the ball in the forward direction. Now the ball should b brought back to where you started. This should be repeated 25 times for four sets.

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