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3 Ways To Treat Peritoneal Cancer

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By, Dr. Sajjan Rajpurohit, Oncology

Peritoneal cancer is a singular form of cancer that forms in a skinny hankie covering benefaction in a stomach lining. This covering of hankie also lines a bladder, rectum and a uterus. The peritoneal structure is done adult of epithelial cells; a purpose is to furnish fluids that promote a well-spoken transformation of viscera in a stomach. It is ordinarily confused with stomach cancer as some symptoms are similar.


The accurate means of peritoneal cancer is not known. This cancer affects mostly women and a elderly; group are customarily not influenced by it. The means of peritoneal cancer is related to alteration in a gene that is in spin connected to breast and ovarian cancer. Having a family story of peritoneal cancer puts one during larger risks of this disorder.


It is formidable to detect signs of peritoneal cancer in a early stages. The symptoms are utterly identical to those of ovarian cancer. One might knowledge symptoms of nausea, constipation and detriment of appetite. Some other common symptoms are fluctuations in weight, respirating problems and draining from a vagina.


The diagnosis options for peritoneal cancer are –

  1. Surgery: Surgical diagnosis for peritoneal cancer involves surgical dismissal of a fallopian tubes, uterus and a ovaries. If cancer has widespread to other parts, afterwards they need to be private as well.
  2. Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is another choice for a diagnosis of peritoneal cancer. In this treatment, drugs are injected into a physique in sequence to kill a cancer cells.
  3. HIPEC: HIPEC or Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal chemotherapy is a diagnosis choice wherein exhilarated chemotherapy is administered to a peritoneal tissues. This is used when cancer has widespread to other tools of a body.
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