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3 Types Of Warts

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By, Dr. Mansi Sanghvi, Dermatology

Warts are normal outgrowths caused by HPV or tellurian papilloma pathogen that is obliged for sensitive cells to grow fast on a skin’s utmost layer. They many mostly seem on a hands, fingers or nearby a fingernails, as counterfeit or grainy skin.


The categorical means of warts is by approach hit with HPV. This could possibly occur by approach hit with a chairman putrescent or by hit with an intent used by that person. Warts can fast widespread to other tools of a body.

Depending on a location, warts can be personal as follows:

1. Plantar Warts: These generally seem on a soles of a feet

2. Genital Warts : These grow around a genitals, in a pubic area and in and around a anus or vagina

3. Flat Warts: These are many common in children and teenagers rather than in adults


Complications compared with common warts might include:

1. A change in coming or tone in a warts can prove other problems and are customarily painful
2. Warts are mostly troublesome and irritable
3. Some forms of warts might insist for prolonged durations and widespread fast to other areas of a body

Warts are customarily submissive and during a same time, treatable. The diagnosis should aim during destroying a pathogen totally and to kindle a defence system. Some of a methods incorporated in a diagnosis of warts might embody cryotherapy or freezing, clever bark agents, laser diagnosis or by a use of certain acids.

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