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3 everyday drinks to boost good bacteria

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A healthy gut is the key to a healthy life. As long as you do your part to maintain a thriving population of plentiful healthful bacteria in your personal microbiome, you can look forward to a super strong immune system…  a decreased risk for developing serious health problems like autoimmune diseases and cancer… avoid premature aging…  keep your mind strong and active — and much more.

And these reasons are just the beginning! Because researchers are uncovering more and more reasons to boost the beneficial bacteria in your gut every day.

So if you’re not already tending to your master health booster, it’s time to start filling your gut with the good guys that help you thrive. There are a lot of ways to get your gut health in check… you could turn to the usual suspects like fermented foods and probiotic pills…

Or you could try this super-easy way: Just enjoy any one of these beneficial bacteria-boosting drinks identified by researchers recently…

Researchers from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands found that drinking tea, coffee and wine (especially red wine) leads to a more diverse community of bacteria in your gut.

I’d venture to guess that you sit down to a cup of at least one of these bacteria-boosting beverages on a weekly (if not daily) basis. And if not, it’s time to start!

This is refreshing news (both literally and figuratively), because for once, getting healthy is as easy as sipping on your favorite beverage. I guess this also means it’s time to take your coffee breaks, tea time and happy hour a bit more seriously… and frequently.

Buttermilk made the list of gut-friendly refreshments too. But since you’re much less likely to casually enjoy a glass of buttermilk on the patio with friends, it doesn’t quite have the same excitement factor.

According to researchers, fruits, vegetables and yogurt also keep your gut health thriving… but you probably already knew these healthy diet staples were doing your gut health a lot of good.

Of course, cutting out the wrong food and drinks is just as important as consuming the right ones. Researchers found that consuming a lot of sugary drinks, whole milk and carbohydrates was a surefire way to send your gut health down the tubes too. Sugar can contribute to an overgrowth of Candida albicans, something you want to avoid at all costs. So avoid adding spoonfuls of sugar to your tea and coffee.

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