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3 Causes Of Itching Skin

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3 Causes Of Itching SkinSkin is what completes a human being and it decides the beauty of a man or a women. One must take good care of skin, be it dealing with skin problem or keeping it clean for better hygiene. Doctors say one should never ignore skin related problems as it can cause serious harm.

Sometimes we ignore and fail to understand some common skin problems like itching. To cure common problems like itching we always need to know the cause only then we can say prevention is better than cure. One must need to understand some common causes of itching. They are as under:-

One may have never thought of soap causing an itching on skin. But it is another common cause of itchy skin. When we use soap on skin it swipes off the natural oils from our skin. And without natural oil on skin it can become dry and itchy and can also cause inflammation on skin. One must try to use different types of cleansers to replace soap. They also remove the dirt and are gentle on skin.

common causes of itchingSome cleansers available in market these days have a moisturising effect in them leaving a layer of lipids on skin after use. One should also try avoiding cleansers which are antibacterial. They contain triclosan which can cause irritation to skin. Bar soap should be preferred over liquid soap as they are chemically liquefied which are harmful for skin.

Reasons of Itching Skin


Eczema can cause serious itching on body. It can be on elbows, eyelids, knees, back of arms and hands. Chronic eczema which is also named as atopic eczema affects 20% children and 6% of general population around U.S annually. Eczema causes inflammation on skin and histamine release causes the itch. Eczema can be avoided by keeping away from the infected.

EczemaPeople suffering from chronic eczema usually suffer with itch-scratch cycle, which makes itching worse and makes them prone to infections on skins. It is better to have some antihistamine which can sedate the patient to counter itching at night like Benadryl can be of real help. Strong medicine like topical corticosteroids can be prescribed by the doctor in case of severe problems.


For body, sunburn is an injury to skin. In this case, cascade of inflammatory molecules are released. Each molecule causes more inflammation and itching. In actual natural barriers get broken by sun’s rays. Applying topical steroid such as hydrocortisone two three times a day can soothe down the itch.

SunburnOr one can also go for topical anaesthetics such as lidocaine or benzocaine to cure itching caused from sunburn. Or one can go for natural home remedy for itching-applying milk soaked washcloth to the affected area for 6-10 minutes may help. Milk has lactic acid which helps to reduce the inflammation.

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Sometimes smelling good also causes us harm. Yes fragrances which can be in deodorants, detergents or lotions contain chemicals which can sometimes cause skin reactions and allergies resulting in inflammation and itching. They can cause skin irritation and stimulate our immune response.

FragranceIn such cases you should find the exact cause of itching and if you find something wrong with laundry detergent look for the one which is free from dye and perfume. We should always choose product that are marked unscented and fragrance free. In case of itching liquorice root is best to use. It is a natural home remedy for itching as it contains natural steroid which lowers itching.

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