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10 Ayurvedic Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

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By Dr Swapnil Prabhakar , Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, pregnancy and smoothness can be a many rejuvenating knowledge of a women’s life, during that any dungeon of a mother’s physique can be transformed. Unfortunately, in a west we did not get that memo and mothers mostly compensate dearly with health concerns after a pregnancy.

During pregnancy, a downward-moving appetite called apana vata supports a growth of a fetus. When a mother-to-be is balanced, there is adequate apana vata to go around. In cases of highlight and tiredness, however, a upward-moving vata – called prana vata – has to step in and is redirected downward to support a needs of a baby. Without a prana indispensable to feel a fun of pregnancy, this can leave a mom exhausted, depleted, sleepy and even vexed postpartum.

Top 10 Ayurvedic Pregnancy Tips

There are 10 classical strategies to be used during pregnancy that can support a health and contentment of mom and baby, and keep a prana and apana vata in balance.

  1. Favor Your Cravings. The many critical recommendation is to eat what we naturally desire. Follow a well-balanced diet, with dishes including adequate amounts of protein, healthy starch and veggies.
  2. Balance Vata. The vital thesis during pregnancy is to change vata, a appetite of a shaken system. This is best finished with a diet of fresh, plant-based, whole or sprouted grains and non-processed foods. Warm, creatively baked dishes with healthy oils of olive, ghee and coconut are good. Avoid eating leftovers as many as possible.
  3. Foods to Avoid:
    • Hot sharp foods
    • Undercooked beans and lentils – that can also means gas.
    • Uncooked shaggy greens – as they can means gas.
    • Artificial flavors, preservatives and chemical additives
  4. Enjoy These Three Tastes. The 3 tastes that change vata are sweet, green and salty. During pregnancy, a honeyed ambience should be many emphasized, since it is a many sattvic or rational for a baby. This includes sprouted breads or those baked but oils, whole grains, rice, fruits and healthy starches like honeyed potatoes, quinoa, baked beets and carrots.
  5. The Right Milk. Drink warm, vat-pasteurized (heated underneath 135 degrees F), non-homogenized divert with ghee done from grass-fed cows. One crater of comfortable divert with a teaspoon of ghee twice a day is pronounced to boost shield and a complexion, or “ojas,” of a baby.
  6. Daily Massage with an Ayurvedic Herbalized Massage Oil. These oils feed a microbiology on a skin, as good as ease a skin-based feeling shaken complement of a mom. The calmer a mom, a calmer a baby.
  7. Tips to Conquer Morning Sickness:
    • Roast cardamom seeds, powder them and eat a tiny splash by a day.
    • Snack on dry crackers or toast. It helps to always keep a small food in a stomach.
    • Temporarily eat from a Spring Grocery List or Kapha-Reducing Diet.
    • Sip tea done of 1/4 tsp. ginger powder and/or fennel seeds and prohibited water.
    • Try sleeping in a semi-reclined position by putting a sham between a box open and a mattress.
  8. Get Gentle Daily Exercise. A good approach to get this is to travel for 30 mins any day.
  9. Take Rest. In a 8th month, we should get as many rest as possible. This is a ethereal time when a pointed nutritious liquid called “ojas” that supports vitality, mettle and shield is upheld between a mom and baby.
  10. Be Happy. The MOST critical pregnancy element is to remember to be happy. The partner’s pursuit during this time is to keep a mama-to-be happy. Of course, a mom contingency use daily acts of complacency as well.


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